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UoP’s History Society welcomes new faces

In the following short blog, third year UoP history student Pauline Standley encourages new students to join our student history society.

The recently-formed history society NEED YOU to come and be part of a group who love history! We are a casual, student-led group currently run by third-year History students.

As a society, we want to encourage discussion on anything historical, whether it be what we’ve been taught in lectures, a Henry VIII podcast which randomly came up on your Spotify recommendations, the most recent Russell Crowe historical movie, even down to hilarious history memes you’ve scoped out! Throughout the year, we are here to help whether it be a friendly face to give you student advice or a sociable group to give you a chance to meet new people. We understand that your time is precious, between Purple Wednesdays, seminars and lectures, cheeky pints with your mates down the pub and wrangling assignments, we’ve tried to design the society to be as friendly to the busyness of uni life as we can – meaning we’ll meet up roughly once a month. We are aiming to do a variety of things including pub meet-ups, cinema trips and quiz nights to name a few, but if you have any suggestions we are open to hearing them!

If you are interested, take a look at our Facebook page under the name of University of Portsmouth History Society and give us a ‘like’ and comment under the recent post to join the group chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s a TV Series recommendation to kickstart things: How To Become a Tyrant (Netflix) recommended by Pauline!

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