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Debates about the Jews’ place in a decolonised world

On Wednesday 8 November Dr Laura Almagor (University of Utrecht) presented a paper in our History Research seminar series entitled Reinvention at Bandung: Jewish Displaced Persons and the new global order, 1943-1962.

During the summer and autumn of 1945 millions of uprooted persons made their way back to homes across Europe.  The remaining refugees crowded together in displaced persons camps in Germany, Austria and Italy.  Six years later, 175,000 individuals, mostly Jews, still languished in the camps.  In 1955, the Bandung conference convened to discuss the lingering problem of these displaced persons. Laura’s research looks at what the conference debates reveal about how displaced persons and Jewish leaders understood the place of the Jews in the context of a new, decolonised, world order in which Europe was no longer seen as central.
If you missed the paper, a recording can be viewed here.

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